How to use a broadfork

How to use a broadfork
A broadfork / fourche large is a gardening tool used to loosen and aerate soil. It consists of two long handles and tines attached to it at the bottom. Broadfork helps to break compacted soil. You must insert the tines into soil and  then the tool must be moved back and forth by your body weight.
Tips when using a broadfork: 

1. When using broadfork make sure that the soil is moist, and not wet or dry. This will help you to easily penetrate the broadfork in the soil. 

2. You will need to apply downward pressure with your body weight or step on the crossbar to insert the tines into the soil.

3. You can lean back slightly on the handles to lift and loosen the soil, using your body weight. 

4. For compacted soil, gently rock it back and forth inside the soil to break up clumps and improve aeration. 

5. You can use a rake to lightly remove debris after broadforking.

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