How to sow seeds

Sowing seeds is a crucial aspect of agriculture and gardening since it enables the cultivation of varieties of plants such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, and so on. It is a straightforward yet efficient way to start your own garden. A beginner or even an experienced gardener needs to know seedling techniques to ensure successful germination. Here are some tips to take into consideration when starting to sow seeds. 

  1. Buy and choose the right seeds : You can buy seeds from a local shop near you or simply order it online. But you must make sure that the seeds are high-quality and suit your climate. 
  2. Choose the right timing : It is important to know what is the right timing to sow the seeds or else the seeds might not germinate. The seeds may rot or may simply not grow well.  
  3. Soil : You can buy seed-starting mix or you can simply make your own soil mix. The soil needs to be light and allows for good drainage. 
  4. Choose  the right container : It needs to have proper drainage to avoid root rot. You can use seed-starting trays or pots. With trays, you can have full control over the environment. You can move it to get sunlight. Moreover, during heavy rainfall you can easily move it to another place. 
  5. Sow the seeds : different seeds require different depths for germination. The seeds must be covered with soil.  
  6. Watering : the soil needs moisture but avoid overwatering. Overwatering may cause the seeds to rot. Water the seeds when you see that the soil is dry.

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