Guide to Growing Grapefruit

Growing Grapefruit

Soil Characteristics:

  • Fertile, well-drained.
  • slightly acidic pH.

Sun Position

  • Full sun.

Grapefruit Frost Tolerance

  •  Semi-tropical trees.
  • Limited cold tolerance.
  •  Hardy to 25°F (-4°C).

Tree Feeding Guidelines

  •  Spread rich compost or high nitrogen organic fertilizer twice a year.
  • Cover root zone.

Plant Spacing:

• Single plants: 19′ 8″ each way.
• Rows: 19′ 8″ with 19′ 8″ row gap.

Plant and Sow

For increased vigor and pest resistance, the majority of grapefruit cultivars are grafted onto rootstocks of sour oranges. Moreover, better varieties can be purchased with plants that give fruit three years after planting. The fruits have a fixed harvest season and are of a consistent size and color. Ideally, plants should be placed so that the root ball is 1 inch (2 cm) above the soil line in late winter or early spring. Additionally, when the weather is dry, water well every ten days. Furthermore, growing grapefruits in containers is not advised since they outgrow them very rapidly.

For your area, our Garden Planner can create a customized schedule that shows when to plant, sow, and harvest.


Mature grapefruit trees, naturally crossed between orange and pumelo, yield hundreds of pounds of luscious fruits. These robust tiny trees thrive best in spots that receive blazing summer warmth and mild winter chill. Most grapefruit trees begin bearing fruit three years after planting, but the fruit quality may not improve until the tree is older than seven years. Prune grapefruit trees by cutting off damaged branches.


Ripe grapefruits cling well on the tree and typically change color as they ripen. Examine the taste of the larger fruits, and gather them before they start to drop to the ground. Store gathered fruits in a cool location.

Fixing issues

Grapefruit is susceptible to a number of root rot diseases, leaf miners, and other insects, yet solitary plants in home landscapes frequently outgrow little issues.

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