Green Walls: Blooming Trends in Urban Landscaping

Pioneering Funding for Mini Sheltered Farming Schemes

In the 2018/2019 Budget address, Pravind Jugnauth unveiled a groundbreaking initiative, allocating Rs 10,000 to kickstart the Mini Sheltered Farming Schemes, that is, Green Walls: Blooming Trends in Urban Landscaping. This initiative promotes mini-gardens, vertical farming, and rooftop gardening, aiming to boost local production and encourage households and buildings to incorporate green spaces.

The concept of vertical gardens or hanging gardens, and the use of plants on walls as decoration, is not new. Throughout history, structures like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon have fascinated people. In recent years, many countries have embraced the idea of green walls to counteract urbanization’s concrete sprawl. For instance, SSR Airport in Plaisance already features a green wall, welcoming passengers upon arrival. While not a complete solution, green walls offer palliative and potentially beneficial effects, allowing cities to breathe amidst urban development.

Green Walls: Blooming Trends in Urban Landscaping

Varied Benefits of Green Walls, the blooming trends in urban landscaping

Tony Lee Luen Len, President of the Green Building Council Mauritius, explains, “The construction of green walls varies, yielding distinct results based on installation type. Regardless, it’s a significant asset for buildings.” Green walls provide tangible benefits inside buildings, such as insulation, shade, and air purification, enhancing indoor air quality.

Air purification through photosynthesis is a key advantage of green walls, particularly beneficial in densely populated cities like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Milan, and Chicago. These walls vary from open balconies with diverse plant life to simple vertical gardens. China, combating severe urban pollution, has shown interest in green walls to aid air purification in city centers.

Regarding maintenance and cost, Tony Lee Luen Len notes, “It depends on the installation type and plant selection. While initial costs vary, the long-term benefits of green walls justify the investment.” However, Vasantt Jogoo, an environmental consultant, believes green walls still need to prove their efficacy in climate change mitigation

Vasantt Jogoo suggests greening urban infrastructure like lampposts and the future metro could further enhance urban environments. The installation of green walls would bring a breath of fresh air to the capital, significantly improving air quality.


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