Farmers: Understanding the significance of mobilization

Understanding the significance of mobilization

Anger of the agricultural world . The political response to the ongoing protest will be decisive for the future of the profession. Within ten years, a third of French farmers will have retired.

Decline in French Farming

Participants from various industries frequently repost the number, and with good cause. In the next ten years, a third of French farmers, or 166,000 individuals, will retire. Over forty years, the number of operators has already dropped by four. Thus, in addition to ecological and food changes, generational renewal is emerging as one of the primary difficulties facing the profession at a time when rage is on the rise in our countryside, as it is in many other European nations.

Providing Visibility for Future Farmers

Whether or not they are descended from farmers, future farmers need visibility. Emmanuel Macron unveiled the bill about a year and a half ago with the intention of providing them with visibility, but it has been continually delayed. In response to the demonstrators’ demands, Agriculture Minister Marc Fesneau decided to postpone further action in order to incorporate potential simplification measures—the President of the Republic’s new catchphrase.

Unappealing compensation

The current crisis could be a turning point in the history of market gardeners, cereal growers, and other breeders. To support laypeople’s vocations and enable familial transmission, specific solutions are needed. In September 2022, Emmanuel Macron urged his countrymen to “consume French” to boost the industry and maintain food sovereignty. However, inflation has hindered his ambitions. Experts argue that pricing is too high, and consumer opinion surveys suggest they would be willing to pay farmers more.

Innovation in Agriculture

Innovation is crucial for enhancing profession appeal and reducing difficulties, especially with investment and digital tool training. The government’s response to demonstrators will impact students’ orientation decisions in the agricultural industry. Standard consoling may not be enough to address the multi-rooted issue, especially given the farmer’s death in Ariège on January 23 due to a roadblock accident. The government’s course of action will significantly impact student orientation decisions.

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