Ensuring Safe Food Through National Food Control System

The national food control system in Mauritius is undergoing a significant upgrade with the recent passing of the Food Act 2022 and Mauritius Food Standards Agency Act 2022. These legislations are designed to prioritise safe and high-quality food for all citizens.

Ensuring Safe Food Through National Food Control System

Strengthening the Regulatory Framework

These new laws aim to establish an efficient food control system managed by a specialised agency. This agency will prioritise impartiality, scientific decision-making, and overall improvement in food safety standards across all food-related establishments.

Shared Responsibility for Food Safety

Responsibility for food safety spans from production to consumption. It involves everyone, including food businesses, handlers, and consumers. Authorities play a vital role in enforcing food laws to ensure adherence to safety standards.

Understanding and Addressing Hazards

Hazards in food, such as bacteria or chemical agents, pose health risks, particularly for vulnerable groups like the elderly or those with weakened immune systems. Effective control of these hazards is crucial to prevent adverse health effects.

Importance of Hygiene Practices

Maintaining good hygiene throughout the food chain is key to minimizing foodborne illnesses. Practices like hand hygiene, sanitation, pest control, and proper labeling contribute to ensuring food safety.

Focus on High-Risk Food Services

Food service providers catering to high-risk groups, like hospitals or care homes, must maintain stringent hygiene standards to protect vulnerable individuals from food-related complications.

Proposed Measures for Improvement

To enhance the food control system, proposed measures include developing a comprehensive strategy, investing in food safety infrastructure, supporting small businesses to comply with new laws, providing ongoing education and training, creating a responsive digital system for effective monitoring, promoting research to understand food-related illnesses, and collaborating globally for sustainable development goals.


This comprehensive approach aims to ensure safer and healthier food for everyone while enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the food control system in Mauritius.


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