Employers address their concerns to the government

After a break marked by a series of national events, pre-budget consultations resumed last Thursday at the headquarters of the Ministry of Finance in Port-Louis. Employers address their concerns to the government. Minister Renganaden Padayachy met various representatives from the private sector.


Discussions on the 2024-2025 Budget began last Thursday. The meetings were held with the Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture and the Mauritius Sugar Syndicate. During this meeting, stakeholders raised the same challenges facing the agricultural sector in Mauritius. These challenges include the lack of labor, water management, increasing production costs, the need for workforce training, and the emergence of new crops. Jacqueline Sauzier, general secretary of the Chamber of Agriculture, argued, “We propose solutions every year. It is the prerogative of the State to implement them.”

Employers address their concerns to the government

Faced with the multitude of problems in this sector, attracting young people for succession planning would be crucial. Another discussion focused on the need to make the agricultural sector profitable. This is in a context where prices are rising and production costs are becoming increasingly burdensome for consumers. Jacqueline Sauzier emphasized that the proposals given to the Minister of Finance aim to transform them into “opportunities.” Additionally, these discussions enable the Secretary General to present a vision. The vision is for a sustainable, modern, and inclusive agricultural sector involving all actors in the agricultural value chain.

Furthermore, Devesh Dukhira, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Mauritius Sugar Syndicate, suggested “locking” the local sugar market. He highlighted that Mauritius produces a surplus of sugar. He argued, “There is no reason to import sugar.” To enhance Mauritius’ competitiveness, he also emphasized the need to improve the efficiency of port activities. In addition, he requested a review of the bagasse remuneration. The remuneration was set in 2021 and needs adjustment to the current level. He stressed the importance of strengthening government support for sustainability. He stated, “Mauritius’ production is already 30% sustainable. It would be ambitious to exceed this threshold.”


Source: Employers address their concerns to the government – https://lexpress.mu/node/533018

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