Cultivating Lemon Trees from Seeds

Cultivating Lemon Trees from Seeds

Plant The Seed

Start by extracting seeds from the lemon and washing off the pulp. Plant these seeds one inch deep in a pot filled with unfertilized soil. One should plant the seeds immediately as they don’t withstand drying. Water them well and maintain a warm environment for germination. Sprouts will appear in a few weeks.

Nurturing Lemon Trees

Whether you grow your lemon tree indoors or outdoors, the care process should remain consistent. The steps and needs for nurturing these trees don’t vary significantly. This uniformity in care methods ensures that your lemon tree receives the best care for healthy growth and abundant fruit production.

Sunlight Requirements

Lemon trees need full sun exposure for at least eight hours daily. For indoor growth, a south-facing window is ideal. If sunlight is insufficient, use grow lights.

Soil and Watering

Lemon trees require well-draining soil, particularly for outdoor planting. Ensure the area doesn’t retain water after heavy rain. Keep the soil evenly moist, watering when it’s nearly dry.


Apply a micronutrient-rich all-purpose fertilizer or a lemon-specific one to boost fruit production during the growing season. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for frequency.

Repotting Lemon Trees

Young lemon trees need repotting every two years, while mature ones require it every three to four years. Spring is the best time for this.

Repotting Steps

Carefully remove the tree from its pot and place it in a slightly larger one to report. Add fresh potting soil and water well. If reusing the same pot, prune the roots before replanting.

Harvesting Lemons

Growing a lemon tree from seed takes seven to 15 years, but the wait is rewarding when the tree bears fruit. Ripe lemons are firm, bright yellow, and easy to cut from the tree. They remain fresh on the tree for weeks to months.

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