How to start Container gardening

Container Gardening is a great solution for people who do not have a wide space or an in-ground garden. Whether you have a small balcony or a small backyard, you can grow a wide range of plants in containers. Moreover, pots, tubs and barrels are great ways of creating a container garden. They can be use to plant a wide range of plants from herbs to vegetables, flowers and many more. 

It is a convenient, accessible, and enjoyable way to grow plants. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or new to the hobby, container gardening can provide a variety of benefits.

Container gardening was popular during COVID-19. Many people were able to grow their own vegetables. 

Container gardening
Steps to create a container garden:
Step 1: 

Choose an appropriate place for your container gardening – you must make sure that the area receives maximum sunlight. In addition, each and every plant needs a specific amount of sunlight. 

Step 2: 

Choose a suitable planting container. Tubs , barrels, almost anything can be turned into a planting container but we must make sure that it has proper drainage holes. 

Large containers – hold more soil , preserve more water and are available to your plants.

Small containers – dry out quickly, unfortunately, it can affect some plants.

Step 3: 

Potting mix – buy potting mix or simply make your own potting mix. By simply mixing peat moss, perlite or vermiculite, and well-decomposed compost together in an even ratio.

Step 4:
Choosing your plants : Herbs that can be grown in containers include : Mint, thyme, coriander, chives and many more. Vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, chilies and so on.


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