Anti-diabetic Consumable Products

On Saturday, June 10, Roselle (species of flowering plant in the genus Hibiscus) Day was celebrated at the Model Farm at Rivière des Anguilles which was organised by the Food & Agricultural Research and Extension Institute.

These genius plants were distributed to most schools and agricultural technologists. Maneesh Gobin, the minister of agriculture and food security, issued a call to the public on that day by encouraging them to take advantage of the various agricultural processing schemes that are available to them. Those who wish to begin producing roselle on a commercial scale can access these models, which are provided by the Tutelle Ministry.

The minister annonced that Mr. Sailesh Ramluckun, who is a young graduate of the agricultural field from university of Mauritius established a business making jams, pickles and other items using roselle plants which flourished in no days. Maneesh Gobin also claims that Roselle plant can be cultivated largely in Mauritius as it also has anti-diabetic purposes too. So, Mauritian people should be prompted to start cultivating Roselle and make their own jams, pickles and other products so that Mauritius can fight dangerous illnesses in the future.



Date: 12th June 2023.


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