Agricultural Sector Thrives in 2023

Agricultural Sector Thrives in 2023
Agricultural Sector Thrives in 2023

Flourishing Agriculture

Farmers in Mauritius had a remarkable year in 2023, outperforming their achievements in 2022. According to the latest report from Statistics Mauritius, their annual income surged by an impressive 11% compared to the preceding year. The substantial growth resulted mainly from significant price fluctuations in agricultural products. The hard work and resilience of these farmers contributed to their financial success, and the positive trend bodes well for the agricultural sector in Mauritius.

Price Trends and Seasonal Impact

In March, July, and August 2023, the Producer Price Index-Agriculture peaked, measuring price variations of agricultural products. In March, showers boosted prices, whereas the colder months of July and August affected production and drove prices up. Interestingly, October 2023 marked the lowest agricultural product prices before a subsequent rise in November and December.

Category-Specific Price Shifts

Between September and December 2023, the Producer Price Index-Agriculture rose by 2.5%. Notably:

  • Plantation Category: Sugar cane prices increased by 1%.
  • Other Plantations Category: Prices rose by 2.2%.
  • Animal and Animal Products Category: An impressive 4.9% increase occurred.

Fruits, Vegetables, and Poultry

The index for different agricultural product categories saw significant changes. Fruits and nuts experienced a 12.2% price hike from September to December 2023. Vegetables prices rose by 5.3%, while specific fruits became 6.1% more expensive in November. December witnessed further increases: 1.8% for vegetables and a substantial 13.3% for fruits and nuts. Poultry prices also surged by 7.2% during November and December. Additionally, egg prices increased by 16.2% in November and 0.2% in December 2023.

Sugar Cane and Financial Outlook

Notably, sugar cane was sold at 1.7% higher prices during the 2023-2024 financial year compared to the previous year.

In summary, Mauritius’ agricultural sector thrived in 2023, with dynamic price fluctuations impacting various product categories and contributing to farmers’ improved income

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