A significant agricultural endeavor


AGRICOLATURE. As Johnson’s Member of Parliament and Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food (MAPAQ), André Lamontagne has spent his days debating how to best safeguard the region and agriculture.

Law Review

He notes that the current law was adopted in 1978. He started a consultation and reflection effort on this topic last June. Teams from MAPAQ are now visiting the province to speak with all parties involved in the matter.

Future Legislative Plans

“I will be holding a report on these consultations sometime in March. After that, I want to have a national discussion day on the topic. It’s anticipated that I’ll submit a file to amend the legislation protecting land and agricultural pursuits this autumn. “I want everything finished and approved by the spring of 2025,” André Lamontagne clarified.

Interest in Zone Development

Furthermore, the minister observes that the MRCs, who are revising their Development Plan for the agricultural zone, have a desire in this direction.

Protecting Quebec's Agricultural Region

The province is cognizant of how critical it is to adequately safeguard our agricultural region. Quebec has the least amount of protected agricultural land per person of any country in the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development). Thus, we have to take care of it,” Mr. Lamontagne continued.

MAPAQ's Code of Conduct

Apart from this project, MAPAQ has been working for the past two years to create a code of conduct for growers, processors, and merchants so that they can collaborate to determine best practices.

Price Stabilization Laws

This type of law has even helped to stabilize prices over the long run in other jurisdictions across the globe. Our goal is to introduce it in Canada. Although we’re almost ready, certain industry participants don’t appear to want to work together. We think that in the end, customers will benefit from this. In the upcoming months, the major players in Canada must unquestionably make a commitment, according to Mr. Lamontagne.

Farm Adaptation to Climate Change

Also, ministry staff are actively helping farms adjust to climate change. André Lamontagne aims to expedite the tasks required in order to provide producers with plans.

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