A Guide to Grow Beetroots

Grow Beetroots

Garden fresh beetroot offers a unique flavor and is rich in nutrients, making it easy to grow at home.

Cultivating Beetroot

Beetroot, a versatile root vegetable, offers diverse shapes, sizes, and colors with edible leaves that pair well with salads. It grows easily and requires minimal space.

Where to plant

Beetroot thrives in cool to warm climates, requiring at least 4 hours of full sun daily. It grows well in large shops like capsicum and tomatoes, or in lush flora like lettuce and spinach, with some shade also beneficial.

Soil medication is essential for planting in pots or theaters. Use medium-rich, well-drained soil loosen with a chopstick, mix compost, ordure, blood, bone, and boron, which is typically lacking in Australian soils. Mound the soil to improve drainage if needed.

Sowing Beetroots seed

Gently pull seedlings piecemeal and plant them 5-10 cm apart to allow space for growth and reduce nutrient competition.

Nurturing and Preserving Beetroots

  • Regular watering is crucial for tender, juicy beetroots.
  •  Keep soil wettish until seeds germinate.
  • Water every couple of days for the first month.
  • Avoid drying and cracking beetroots to prevent spoilage.
  •  Use a liquid feed of seaweed and fish fertilizer at least once a fortnight.

Harvesting Beetroots

  • Gather beetroots when they’re youthful, about 2-3 months after planting.
  • These beets are juicier and sweeter.
  • As they grow, they become tougher and have lower flavor.
  •  Loosen soil around the beetroot and gently yank the leafage.
  • Start gathering leaves around 6 weeks, starting with external leaves.
  • Leave a few on for continued growth.


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